I’ve walked into the world of three dots . . .

7 Oct

Thanks to my editor at La Mesa Patch.com, I’ve walked into the world of three-dot columns via Town Pulse. Ruled by greats such as Herb Caen, the late San Francisco Chronicle columnist, the three-dot column covers news around town in a more intimate fashion than the cold announcement blast. I can only aspire to be one-fourth as great as those who’ve written before me. The challenge right now is attracting people to the column as well as getting on their emails lists. But how do you do it without sounding either like you want to sell them an 8-minute ab program or like you want to invite them to a really great church? I’m doing it the old fashioned way for now, hoofing it around town. Someday, hopefully someday soon, I will be able to email people and have them go, “Oh yeah! I’d love to be involved with that column!” Until then, I’m gonna have to start prefacing my spiel with “I’m not here to sell you something nor do I want you to go to my church.”


Meet me on a Sunday

2 Oct

We hit La Mesa’s famous Oktoberfest this afternoon and were surprised by its size. I never realized La Mesa Boulevard was so big! Anyway, I was happy to see my La Mesa Patch.com editor, Ken Stone, at a booth. He’s a terrifically hard worker and inspires me to try even harder at making my writing work for me. In the meantime, he also told me I can look forward to my Mommin’ Around columns coming out on Sundays. Sounds good to me. Sunday is the kind of day that hosts mostly good things: Sunday brunch, a full comics section in traditional newspapers and now Mommin’ Around. Plus Sunday sounds exactly like sundae, which comprises only goodness as far as I’m concerned. So here’s to Sunday columns being just as good as a sundae with a cherry on top, just without the fatty bobatty calories. (And the excess gas for those of us with lactose issues.)

Forrest Gump looks like an Olympic runner next to me

1 Oct

At this point, this sloth would look helluva lot better than me at a 5K.

My October column on the AroundHawaii.com website came out today. It talks about how I started running to get more exercise. I wish I could say running has become a daily routine, but it’s more like a weekend event. I’m one of those people who watched Criminal Minds and all of those nice shows on TV that are guaranteed to make you paranoid about running alone. I even bought one of those handheld pepper sprays, which my mom and Derek have warned me not to use – they seem to think I will end up spraying myself in the face, making it much easier for any attacker.

I’m lucky enough that my friend, Claire, donates Saturday mornings to walk-running with me, but I find myself doing the same thing to Claire that I did to my friends back in kindergarten: dragging her down with me as I blather on about the week’s events. I’d like to also add more days to my routine, but getting Derek to run/walk with me is like trying to move a sloth. Sure, he’ll show his support, as all good sloth husbands would, but he won’t move faster than the average sloth hanging from a tree branch. It’s just the same, as I’m only about five seconds ahead of sloth speed. I’m signed up for Father Joe’s Thanksgiving Day 5K Run/Walk so I need to make a vast improvement within several weeks. I will definitely post a photo of the tragedy, er, I mean, triumph.

The first day of my blogging life

29 Sep

Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Mama?

I’ve finally decided to activate my WordPress blog in an effort to spread the word about all my articles and column in just one nifty place. I’ve been using Facebook to share my work with friends, but I realize it will be easier for people who aren’t my Facebook victims friends to find my writing here.

Today La Mesa Patch.com launched, along with my weekly column, “Mommin’ Around.” It will mainly focus on me fumbling through motherhood in the 21st century. Yeah, I’m pretty lost. (Before our daughter, Quinn, was born, the only contact we had with babies was usually rare drop-ins with friends – y’know, “Hey, just dropping in, oops, see you’re busy… See you later.”) Anyway. My first column talks about how we first moved to La Mesa from downtown San Diego. Sometimes I still can’t believe how suburban we’ve become! It seems just yesterday we were hanging out like the single marrieds we were – yes, that’s what I call married couples without kids – and drinking our mocha and fancy lemonades at Cafe Chloe on 9th Avenue. Now we’re lucky to get McDonald’s shakes.

Such is life with a toddler.

I’m not sure I have enough to say on a daily basis, but I will certainly make an effort to try and entertain you. Or at least entertain me. And that’s really all I can ask.